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Guest Beers & Ciders



Aged for 6+ months in an American Oak whiskey barrel (from Slyrs distillery in Bavaria). A symphony of rich malt complexity with notes of light caramel, oak, vanilla & honey with a pleasantly warming presence of whiskey. 

Hops: Magnum & Willamette

Next Level Edition -aged in Waldviertler Whisky (J.H.Haider) barrel

11,3%   033l bottle  €12,90

Golden Bay Pinot Gris Barrel-Aged

Baruküche 35

Belgian Saison aged in pinot grid all barrels

0,75l   €18,90

Grohe & Two In A Rocket (Darmstadt, GER/Wiener Neustadt, AT)

What Is Love?       6,9% 

Collaboration Uhudler-Hibiskus Saison 2019

0,33l bottle        5,90€

Confrontation With A Dark Star     9,5%        

Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
0,33l bottle        7,90€

Brew Age (Vienna, Austria)

Alpha Tier        5,6%            
New England IPA            

0,33l bottle         4,90€

Eisknacker     12,2%            

Iced Barley Wine
0,33l bottle        7,90€

Malzstrasse     5,0%           
Vienna Lager    

0,33l bottle        4,50€

Major Lacto             5,2%            
Barrel-Aged Golden Sour      

0,33l bottle        7,70€     

Brauschneider (Schiltern, Austria)

Weißbier      4,9%          
0,33l bottle        4,40€    

Emmerbier      (Lager)  5,4% 
Brewed with one of the most ancient grain in the world.

0,33l bottle        4,60€

Next Level Brewing (Vienna, Austria)
Frontman     5,0% 
Modern Pale Lager

0,33l bottle        4,50€

Double Trouble    7,1%            
New England Style Double India Pale Ale (LONCIUM COLLAB)

0,33l bottle        6,20€

Der Belgier (Vienna, Austria)

Honey, I love you      8,5%      
Belgian Dubbel with honey and orange peel

0,33l bottle        6,90€

Collabs Brewery (Vienna, Austria)

Tote Tante            5,5%      
(Stroh 80 Infused Milk Stout)    

0,33l bottle        4,80€

DEIX BIER   5,6%    
(Voodoo Sissi/Session IPA)        Pro Flasche gehen 2€ an den Samariterbund!!

0,33l bottle        5,70€

Black Stoc Cider (Vienna/Styria, Austria)
Wild Tree Hoppy Cider      4,5%            
Hop notes of bright citrus and tropical fruits 

0,33l bottle        5,30€

Quincy Jo & Hops Edition     4,5%    
Styrian black current & hops. 

0,33l bottle        5,30€

Ginger for my Honey      3,0%            
Pure ginger juice and some tasty honey

0,33l bottle        5,30€

OMG Ugly Apple Cider   7,0%               
OMG stands for OAK, MOSAIC & GOLDING and is also a hint at the unexpected strength
of this Imperial-style cider.

0,33l bottle        5,80€

Buddha’s Hand    4,0%        

Exotic fruits from the Orangerie at Schönbrunn Palace 

0,33l bottle        5,80€


Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wine/Craft Beer blend:

0,75l   €39,00

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